Candy Reinert, Artist, Rock Bottom No More

Featured Local Artist - Candy Reinert (Rock Bottom No More)

Our current featured local artist is Candy Reinert. Candy's story is one of pain, suffering and perseverance. She used her God-given talents to create art and beauty as an outlet for the on-going pain she continues to endure. Read more about Candy's story so that you too, may be inspired.

In 2004, after a long journey searching for information about a rare brain condition called Chiari malformation, Candy had her first brain surgery. Chiari is an incurable condition where the brain is too big for the skull. With no where to go it pushes down into the spinal cord, creating pressure, continual pain, and many other problems. Surgery can be needed to pen the back of the skull to make room and relieve some of the pressure. This unfortunately can lead to cranial instability where the head now pushes down on the spinal cord, again causing extreme pain. This was the reason for Candy’s second brain surgery in 2006, to fuse her neck and skull.

For 12 years she has been tolerating temporary fixes and the fusion began to fail and her health continued to deteriorate. In 2019, Candy required a third surgery in the hope to slow further the progress of this condition for which she was suffering.

Unable to work (since 2004) and ineligible for disability lead her to creative measures to earn money to pay for her medical expenses, among other needs. Thus began the inspiration for Rock Bottom No More. Much of her inspiration is drawn from real life situations. Mirroring life, family, and everyday moments. Candy finds beauty in the smallest things and uses nature to reflect it.  You can find her artwork on our website under Featured Local Artist or ‘artwork’ collection. Candy uses a combination of hand-picked rocks, shells, sea glass, wood, and other mixed media on canvas, accompanied by beautiful frames that accentuate the stories that make up her art. She is an amazing artist. We hope that you will enjoy her collection of art as much as we do.  

Note: Dezyderata LLC collects a small portion of the sales of art to cover process/handling fees. 95% of the sales of the art goes directly to the artist.  If you or someone you know would be interested in selling your art, poetry, writings in our online store, please fill out the ‘Contact Us’ form and we will reach out to you.

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