Be kind. Be grateful. Be peaceful. Be fearless. Be YOURSELF.

Majority of the products carried in our store are handcrafted, in the USA, and supplied by a variety of small businesses, including my own (Dezyderata LLC). We make an intentional effort to buy our products from women- or black-owned businesses, or businesses that support the handcrafted trade of marginalized groups of individuals. We are thankful for these small business partners and humbled and grateful for your patronage and support. We'd love for you to 'Like' or 'Follow' our FaceBook page @liveinpeacealways.

In addition to handcrafted products, we also feature works of local artists, poets and writers. Check out their work, found in the "Local Artist" collection.

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Mind + Body + Spirit

  • Mind

    Alignment of the mind, body and spirit helps you to live a life of peace. We have selected a collection of products that address all of these areas of well-being. Mental Helath is just as important as your physical well-being.

  • Body

    Selfcare plays an important role in life-balance. We have created and selected specific products that will not only make you feel relaxed and beautiful but they are also natural. Made without all of the harsh chemicals that are normally found in bath, skincare and hair care products.

  • Spirit

    Whether you are looking to grow spiritually through meditation, yoga, eating healthy, journaling or reading scripture, we have resources available to help you in your spiritual journey. Check out our discount books and faith-based apparel and accessories.

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  • About Us

    Our company name "Dezyderata" is the Polish form of the word Desiderata, the poem written by Max Ehrmann. The word Desiderata refers to things considered 'necessary' or 'highly desirable.' In relation to the poem, it spoke of the desires of life and ways in which to live a life in peace with all things and all people. In a world full of discontent, we wanted to create and provide products that would represent unity and help others to find that 'inner-peace' that we all long for. We are committed to providing products that support your well-being, whether that be mind, body or spirit. Each prduct we carry was intentionally selected to support other small women- and/or black-owned businesses or businesses that supported the work of those who are marginalized and disenfrancised. We want you to know that when you buy products from our store you are not only doing something to make yourself feel good but you are also supporting those with whom opportunities may be limited. Not to mention that most of our bath, skincare and haircare products are vegan, free of parabens and sulfates, cruelty free and sustainable.

    Based on my own past struggles with anxiety and depression, mental health is a focus area that is deeply meaningful to me. We are committed to donating a portion of our profits to an organization that will support mental health awareness. We have chosen Active Minds as our non-profit of choice for all of the work they are doing to bring awareness to mental health issues and resources, specifically among young adults. Periodically we will be sharing information and resources related to mental health and general well-being.