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New Book Launch! The Miracles of Broken Vessels – Jan Gardiner

About eight and a half years ago, I met a woman by the name of Jan.  She was a guest speaker at our church, at the time, who came to share information with our congregation about the ministry she had founded, Do Over Ministries Inc.  She shared a little bit of her history and the stories of those with whom she served on the streets in the City of Harrisburg, PA. 

Jan is a straightforward person, who speaks from the heart. She is ‘real’ and down to earth. She is obedient and faithful to God’s calling. She has a passion for those who are homeless and recovering from drugs or alcohol addiction. The name of her ministry says it all ‘Do Over’ – it is about second chances, about love, life and living out your God-given purpose.  

Her words resonated with me that day, as I too spent some time ‘homeless’ staying in other people’s homes or shelters. While this was a little over 33 years ago, thinking and writing about it brings back memories that I hope to never have to relive.

As fate would have it, Jan and I stayed connected off and on throughout the years. I joined her Facebook page so I could see all the amazing things she was continuing to do and share in the prayer and sadness of those that were lost. We recently reunited to collaborate on a track that she wanted to provide to those she encountered on the street to share the legacy of one of the street ministers, John H. Gill, who had recently passed.  Listening to her and his wife share his stories and legacy and how much he meant to those he ministered to on the streets, brought back that spark of wanting to engage all over. Jan shared more stories and I got to visit and take a tour of the new facility. They call it “Spider’s House” in honor of one of her God encounters, Spider.  Their new facility, located at 714 Shade Street in Lemoyne, PA is now offering bible studies and weekly meals. They serve homeless veterans who are suffering from PTSD and are scheduled to start a free gym/exercise program several days a week for those who are either homeless or in recovery to help them stay focused on their goals and health. They have a room dedicated to Art therapy that is used for those with special needs. Jan herself is an amazing artist.  Her art can be found all over the facility. The paintings of those (God) have brought into her path, in her ministry on and off the streets. 


Jan recently published her very first book “The Miracles of Broken Vessels.”  The book is about how God can use his broken vessels to help give hope to others that are stuck in addiction and homelessness.  She wanted everyone to know that you are worthy of God’s love, regardless of what circumstances you were or are in. The book tells of her stories with those she encountered and ministered to as well as those who have ministered to her in return. It also speaks to her own story and struggles with addiction. Her story is raw and to the point, as only she can tell it. There is no sugar coating.

There are so many lives that Jan and the ministry of Do Over has impacted; some have individuals have passed on from this life, and some have gone on to continue God’s work. To her, they are all her brothers, sisters, sons, and daughters.

In the preface of her book, she says “I never imagined that God would use an old hippy like myself to go on a magical mystery tour with him. I was loving my life of privilege and chasing the things of the world. However, the stuff I chased never filled a void I was missing. After acquiring more things, the elation would wear off, and I would find myself needing more stuff of the world to bring me a sense of happiness. God found me when I wasn’t even searching for him. He found me sick in of all places, Holy Spirit Hospital. Within two weeks he instructed me to quit my job, take a leap of faith into a world of poverty I had no clue about, and minister to the homeless. Trust me he can do the irrational and equip the unequipped. What I found in the journey was the unconditional love of the Father. I never found it in church. I found Christ in those in the streets of Harrisburg, PA. I love those he sent me to and here are some of my sons, brothers, and sisters stores of faith. If God can change the chronically homeless, and an old hippy like myself, he can change you. All it takes is the faith of a mustard seed.

If you want some encouragement… If you want to see the face of God in those who walk among us each day… Those who often go nameless. Those who are discounted as unworthy. I encourage you to get a copy of Jan’s new book. At minimum it will change your thoughts about those who live a life of homelessness and addiction. Maybe you will begin to see that they too are children of God. And just maybe, it may open your heart to be in service to others that you’ve never dreamed about.

You can order a copy of her new book in our online store. Click link below.

Do Over Ministries relies on donations to cover the costs of the ministry needs for which they provide, such as meals, gas cards, tents, clothing, coats, blankets, basic toiletries, room, and board for those awaiting recovery housing, etc.

If you would like to support Do Over Ministries, you can:

1)Buy a copy of Jan’s book here in our online store {insert link}. All proceeds from the book go directly to Do Over Ministries, Inc.  Please allow 7 – 10 days for fulfillment.

2) Donate any amount via Venmo to @DoOverMinistries

3) Send donation, by mail, to Jan Gardiner (Founder), at 714 Shade Street, Lemoyne, PA 17043

Do Over Ministries is a 501(c) (3) non-profit company, under the US Internal Revenue code. All donations are tax deductible.

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