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Hair Tool, AfroPick Versatile Hair Tool, Harlem - 1 Count

Hair Tool, AfroPick Versatile Hair Tool, Harlem - 1 Count

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AfroPick Versatile Hair Tool, Harlem - 1 Count

The afro pick is a versatile hair tool for natural hair. Founded by three brothers, AfroPick is Black and Family Owned and Operated. The result of their experiences in life, the brand's mission is to encourage self-identity, individuality, and love of one's story through the marriage of culture and art. AfroPick is about expressing individuality and wearing identity through accessorizing while also having a quality, salon grade cultural hair tool. 

Harlem holds a special place in Black history. During the decades of the Great Migration, Harlem provided the fertile soil in which Black culture in America was able to blossom.

The vibrant colors within this design speak to the lively energy that arrived in the neighborhoods of Harlem - to the passion that led to one of the greatest revivals in Black culture.

Afro Pick Details:

  • Salon grade, anti-static plastic
  • Smooth, round tips for comfort
  • Comfortable grip with a hole to hang your pick if needed
  • Design by Monica Sanchez



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