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Apparel, Uni-T Women's Art T shirts - Create More - 1 ct

Apparel, Uni-T Women's Art T shirts - Create More - 1 ct

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Uni-T Women's Art T shirts - Create More, Purple, 1 count

Creativity includes the arts but also science math history writing cooking and a multitude of other disciplines. So show that creating isn't just limited to the arts and encourage others to Create More however they choose.

  • Made from rain-fed Bamboo & Organic Cotton
  • OEKO-TEX® Certified
  • Printed with earth-friendly water-based ink
  • Sustainable fibers with socially responsible manufacturing
  • Unique designs and inspiring messages
  • Super comfy silky soft great fit!
  • Pre-washed so you won't have to worry about shrinkage.
  • All imagined drawn and hand-printed by © Eujin Kim Neilan
  • Image Size : 9" x 7.5"

About this brand: Uni-T is a woman owned T-shirt brand based in Boston, Massachusetts area. They see T-shirts as canvases with infinite possibilities to express your creativity and beliefs. Uni-T represents the things in life that provide happiness and meanings. The unique, eco-friendly T-shirts they carry display one-of-a-kind designs that reflect these symbols. Each shirt is hand printed with its own unique design and message. And by wearing their shirts, you can feel proud of the fact that you’re wearing eco-friendly alternatives. 



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